The device offered by our company is a handy tool that will help you automatically measure every parameter. A short diagnosis allows examining client’s skin condition with 8 parameters: skin structure, sebum, exfoliation and hydration level, the size of pores and wrinkles, vessels and discolorations. The most important thing is that now in an easy and intuitive way you can deliver to your clients a professional report of their skin condition. If you run a beauty studio, SPA center, pharmacy or you are a dermatologist -this device will be a perfect fit for you and your clients. Thanks to its intuitive navigation – you can now in a very quick and simple way – detect and define your client’s skin needs and match a proper care according to their needs.

You also need to know that the analyser is a perfect database of your clients.

It allows you to control the skin condition and monitor the effectiveness of

the therapy.

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